Roving Security Officers

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Different Types of Security Services

Roving patrol services are a cost-effective way to protect assets without the need for permanent onsite security. Our roving security officers constantly patrol the designated areas to spot and stop any visible inappropriate incidents. They have excellent communication skills required to interact with trespassers and make swift decisions to manage emergencies.

Roving patrols are useful when several locations within a specific geographic area needs to be visited within a shift. It helps make optimum use of the time and cost for the service. While onsite, our officers provide an excellent deterrent for suspicious behaviour and help customers to feel safe. They choose random routes to make it difficult for anyone to predict their arrival or departure.

One important part of a roving officers job is to maintain an obvious presence at all times. They need to move around quickly and deter those planning to commit crimes or illegal activities. Since roving patrol assignments require highly-motivated and skilled security personnel, we ensure that only our best and most experienced officers are assigned to roving patrols.