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Different Types of Security Services

Depending on your lifestyle or profession, some everyday situations may not be entirely risk-free. High-end security services are critical for people exposed to a higher level of risk due to their profession, wealth, associations, celebrity status, geographical location, etc.

At Bryant, we’ve been providing high-level security solutions to commercial clients and diplomats throughout the United States since 1985. Our highly trained, low-profile bodyguards are qualified to work in high-risk situations. Many of our security team members are former law enforcement or military officers trained to provide you with the specialized protection you need.

How Bryant’s High-Level Security Service Can Help You
Our executive protection services include both personal bodyguards as well as mobile security solutions. Our security staff are trained to recognize, evaluate and quickly respond to potential threats before they become serious problems. Our security personnel are highly professional and level-headed when resolving conflicts. They focus on preventing a situation from escalating. When a situation gets out of hand, they know how to react and only use force when necessary.

We understand that when it comes to personal security, no one solution fits all. Our high-end security services can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Our Services

  • Executive Protection
    Our security specialists are professionally trained experts in security, special operations, counterterrorism, security strategy and analysis, weapons, explosives, medical emergencies and high-risk crisis operations. They can identify and respond to a wide variety of security challenges and be responsible for their actions.
  • Protective Surveillance
    We offer low-profile protective surveillance services for clients who want to keep their privacy while having peace of mind. Our security team doesn’t overshadow your every move but is always nearby if a situation arises.
  • Security Driver
    In addition to bodyguards, we also provide security drivers who can safely transport clients wherever they need to go.
  • Mobile Security
    Statistics have proven that most high-profile individuals face security issues on the go. When our clients are on the go, our team of experts conduct continuous risk assessments considering all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations, and venues, ensuring a safe and secure journey.

At Bryant Security, our goal is always to provide a safe environment for our clients, whether at home, at office or in the car. We ensure that our clients can conduct their business and live their lives with peace of mind.