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Bryant Security is one of the South Florida’s oldest and most diversified security and investigative agencies. Family-owned and -operated business, Bryant Security has proudly been serving the South Florida community since 1985. Bryant Security has forged a reputation based on innovation, quality, professionalism, resourcefulness, experience, and flexibility — all of which make it an industry leader. Bryant Security is characterized by skilled manpower, expertise and specialty knowledge because it requires its trained security personnel to demonstrate precise and flawless conduct at all times. Each task that its officers undertake calls upon their extensive training, which focuses on ensuring the security and safety of your company. More important, Bryant Security continuously excels amongst the competition with its outstanding customer service and its quest that each of your individual needs will not only be met, but also exceeded.

When you select Bryant Security, you are ensuring that your facility will enjoy the highest possible degree of professional security. Bryant Security’s management team consists of hands-on leaders who will work directly with you in planning and implementing your organization’s security and contingency planning needs. Through Bryant Security’s knowledge and experience it is able to offer:

  • Patrol Services
  • Customized Security
  • Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
  • Security System Operators
  • Security Analysis and Consulting
  • Access Control Systems
  • Closed Circuit Computerized Security Cameras
  • Alarm Systems
  • Worldwide Executive Protection, through Bryant Security’s Executive Protection Unit

Security Officers

Our personnel have to meet stringent professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training prior to their assignments. Additional on-the-job training programs are designed and implemented. The result is enhanced performance and the ability to provide quality security services to a wide variety of clients such as:

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • HOA
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • TV Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Schools
  • Condo
  • Conventions


What strengthens the efficiency of our security operations and assures you of our staff’s superior performance is our constant road supervision.

24-Hour Dispatch

For immediate response to emergencies, Bryant Security offers a 24-hour dispatch service, seven days a week. All emergencies are dispatched to the road supervisors for fast and immediate response.


Bryant Security will respond to your needs with the same care, commitment and cost effectiveness that has made us a leader in meeting such challenges for a wide range of business enterprises and institutes. If you have any questions, or if Bryant Security can be of further assistance, contact us anytime, and Bryant Security will be ready to assist you. (Link to Contact Us page)


Investigative Services

Identifying a deficiency and finding a viable solution are often the most difficult tasks. Bryant Security is capable of confidential and discreet detection. All information is fact-based and completely verifiable. Bryant Security can find the problem and help you with the solution.

Finding even the smallest impropriety can be difficult, but not knowing if it exists or not attempting to identify misconduct can be a costly mistake. Bryant Security will identify a deficiency and find a viable solution.

Whether your needs involve stopping internal losses due to theft or verifying the validity of insurance claims, Bryant Security is ready to help. Bryant Security knows honesty and integrity are the fundamental keys to doing business.

With the rising costs of doing business, the smallest of losses can add up. Bryant Security’s staff of operatives can help put the profits back on your bottom line.

Worker’s Compensation / Insurance Fraud

Bryant Security will verify the validity of insurance claims for property, casualty, disability, accidents and death. With fraudulent claims on the rise, we understand the importance of accurate and timely documented verification.

All Bryant Security reports and documentation follow strict standards to enable full disclosure for proper assessment and legal scrutiny. Decisions and recommendations can be made with peace of mind.


Physical activities are recorded on videotape and 35mm film. State-of-the-art investigative reports and testimony corroborate all evidence.

Domestic Surveillance

Domestic surveillance is one of the most effective ways of verifying a spouse or loved one’s faithfulness and whereabouts. If you have any doubt, you should have professionals check it out!

Background Information and Investigation

Knowing who you employ as well as who you are doing business with can be vital information in today’s business world. We can provide this information through a full spectrum of services including criminal history, credit reports, motor vehicle reports, previous employment, education and professional license verification.

Undercover Operations

At Bryant Security, our staff of operatives is available to investigate internal loss, theft, inventory shrinkage, employee absenteeism, drug and alcohol abuse, fraud, mismanagement and misconduct. Once a deficiency is detected, our staff will recommend the appropriate corrective measures.

Executive Protection

Bryant Security Corporation’s Executive Protection Division specializes in personal and corporate executive protection and consulting services.
Founded in 1985 by Colonel (Reserve) David Ben-David, (Ben-Da), Israel Defense Force, we have established a national and international reputation of excellence among a select group of corporate and individual clients.

We are an organization fully capable of providing a broad range of distinctive protection services which are characterized by personal, thorough and immediate response to our clients’ needs.

Bryant’s Commitment

Our commitment is to be a premier investigative and protective agency in United States, providing the highest level of customer service.
We accept the challenge to maintain discretion and accuracy, always keeping the integrity of our customers and their employees foremost. We commit ourselves to enhancing the quality of our services by providing our own employees with a positive work environment that fosters excellence on a personal level through recognition, reward and respect.

We pledge ourselves to leadership in the investigative and protective service field. We always search for new ways to provide the most technologically advanced and quality services in the industry.


  • Executive Protection Techniques
  • Transportation Protection
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Advance Site Preparation
  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Wide Variety of Security and Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Dress and Etiquette

Reference Accounts

Our past and present clients include various celebrities, executives and diplomats.

If you have any questions, or if Bryant Security can be of further assistance, contact us anytime, and Bryant Security will be ready to assist you.

Technical Cameras


GPS Tracking

Coming soon! –>

Maritime Security

Bryant Security Corporation is an elite provider of anti-piracy and maritime security services. We furnish armed and unarmed protection of vessels in transit through the world’s most threatening waters.
Bryant Security teams consist of Tier One operators who are highly trained and highly experienced in all varieties of maritime defense and protection. Our teams are also equipped with the most modern weapon systems and equipment.

From our Israeli and United States based offices, we are able to operate all over the world. Bryant Security strives and continues to be an industry leader in anti-piracy and maritime security.

For more information, please call or email us today.

Quality Control

Bryant Security’s over three decades of experience has allowed us to provide top level protective services to our clients. We’ve learned that in order to maintain greatness, we must employ only “top tier” quality guards in our repertoire. By analyzing this system on a continuing basis, our end results are seamlessly planned and well executed with control.

This is the main reason Bryant Security has maintained a persistent Quality Control Program for the community of South Florida. Our program ensures industry standard continuing education and training of all staff members, in order to maintain the highest level of communication and teamwork with clients. In turn, this has led to longevity of solid relationships, contracts and returning business.

By focusing on training and education, our Quality Control Program has an increasing value of efficiency and self-reliant security services. As a result, our clients feel safe in the case of an emergency — knowing our staff adheres to proper protocols, procedures and laws, with no repercussions.

Whether your business is large or small, Bryant Security treats each client on an individual basis. As a Bryant Security client, you’re never just a number, and you’ll work closely with our staff to ensure the best quality service and protection available. Just ask some of our clients!

All Bryant Security vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, which can be viewed remotely at any time, for extra peace of mind. With a team of Bryant Security supervisors on the road 24 hours a day visiting our guards, clients feel secure knowing that their business is in good hands.

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