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Security Officers

You may have seen security officers at malls, schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, corporate buildings, and construction sites. These trained guards are tasked with keeping people and property safe at all times. But what makes Bryant Security guard services different from others?

Our security officers have to meet rigorous professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training before they can qualify to work with us. They also have to commit to additional on-the-job training programs in order to stay updated. The result is enhanced performance and the ability to provide quality security services to a wide variety of clients such as:

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • HOA
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • TV Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Schools
  • Condo
  • Conventions

Every security guard trained and employed by Bryant Security has the following advantages:

State-of-the-art Training

Our security officers can quickly assess and react to a precarious situation as quickly as possible. Their training includes:

  •       Security procedures
  •       Conflict resolution
  •       Crowd control
  •       Emergency procedures
  •       Firearms use
  •       Observation and communication
  •       First aid and CPR
  • Report writing

Ability to De-escalate a Situation

When there is a crisis, you want to work with a security guard that can keep their head cool and prevent things from getting out of control. Bryant Security guards know how to de-escalate a situation or altercation without resorting to force if possible.

You’d never find a Bryant Security officer rushing into a situation without thinking first about the consequences. This is why we only employ ex military and law enforcement personnel because they have undergone thorough training to handle such situations while being level-headed. They know how to calm people down quickly and take control of the situation.

Strong Communication Skills

Another strong suit of our professional security experts is they are excellent communicators. By listening and talking to people effectively, they can precisely assess a situation and help diffuse it before it escalates.

Also, since our security guards are usually first responders as well, they have been trained to communicate to the management, other EMS responders, and police regarding the details of the “incident” or security breach. Whoever you hire, make sure they understand the importance of strong communication skills to run things smoothly.

You can Trust Our Security Officers To Be Discreet

As a provider of security guard services, we often deal with situations where maintaining confidentiality is key, like:

  •       Overhearing conversations
  •       Accessing offices or premises with sensitive information
  •       Checking identification
  •       Keeping an eye on who is entering or exiting your property
  •       Acting as a keyholder to your building
  •       Observing your business operations

Bryant Security Guards are not only discreet, but they are bound by law to not divulge your sensitive information to anyone. We are professionals who are there to protect you – not gossip around. It’s due to our trustworthiness that we have been able to remain a leader in the security industry for over 35 years.


What bolsters the efficiency of our security operations and assures you of our staff’s superior performance is our constant road supervision.

When working with Bryant Security, you can expect professionally dressed and groomed professionals who demonstrate respect, and remain alert while effectively establishing security. We choose our officers for experience and quality-of-character, then develop their skills with site-specific training and continuing education.

We also use state-of-the-art technology to ensure our guards deliver strict security for your personnel, property, and assets. Throughout the job, we coordinate closely with the officers to make sure every aspect of the security job has been covered as efficiently as possible.

24-Hour Dispatch

For an instant response to emergencies, we offer a round-the-clock dispatch service, 7 days a week. As a business owner, you always hope for the best but it’s equally important to plan for the worst. You never know when a disaster may strike in the form of flooding, fires, hurricane, or anything else.

By working with Bryant Security, you can ensure that your business doesn’t get derailed in the face of an emergency. During these critical circumstances, every second counts. That’s why our dispatch services operate 24×7 throughout the year.

Hire the Most Dependable Security Guard Services in Miami

Bryant Security has built an unmatchable reputation in the investigations and security industry in South Florida. Our extensive clientele ranges from industrial facilities and dignitaries to athletes and pop stars. We are dedicated to providing the maximum level of protection for your company or property, whether it’s a shopping center, construction site, restaurant, government building, warehouse, or hotel.

We customize our services to meet your unique needs, helping us to reduce your costs without compromising on the security aspect. Our security officers are skilled and flexible enough to adapt to any situation, and you can trust them to keep you safe and secure.

Bryant Security will respond to your needs with the same commitment, care, and cost-effectiveness that has made us a leader in meeting such challenges for a wide range of institutions and corporations. If you have any questions, or if Bryant Security can be of further assistance, get in touch with us and Bryant Security will be ready to assist you. Call us at 305-405-4001 or leave us message online.

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