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Investigative Services

Identifying a deficiency and finding a viable solution are often the most difficult tasks. Bryant Security is capable of confidential and discreet detection. All information is fact-based and completely verifiable. Bryant Security can find the problem and help you with the solution.

Finding even the smallest impropriety can be difficult, but not knowing if it exists or not attempting to identify misconduct can be a costly mistake. Bryant Security will identify a deficiency and find a viable solution.

Whether your needs involve stopping internal losses due to theft or verifying the validity of insurance claims, Bryant Security is ready to help. Bryant Security knows honesty and integrity are the fundamental keys to doing business.

With the rising costs of doing business, the smallest of losses can add up. Bryant Security’s staff of operatives can help put the profits back on your bottom line.

Worker’s Compensation / Insurance Fraud

Bryant Security will verify the validity of insurance claims for property, casualty, disability, accidents and death. With fraudulent claims on the rise, we understand the importance of accurate and timely documented verification.

All Bryant Security reports and documentation follow strict standards to enable full disclosure for proper assessment and legal scrutiny. Decisions and recommendations can be made with peace of mind.


Physical activities are recorded on videotape and 35mm film. State-of-the-art investigative reports and testimony corroborate all evidence.

Domestic Surveillance

Domestic surveillance is one of the most effective ways of verifying a spouse or loved one’s faithfulness and whereabouts. If you have any doubt, you should have professionals check it out!

Background Information and Investigation

Knowing who you employ as well as who you are doing business with can be vital information in today’s business world. We can provide this information through a full spectrum of services including criminal history, credit reports, motor vehicle reports, previous employment, education and professional license verification.

Undercover Operations

At Bryant Security, our staff of operatives is available to investigate internal loss, theft, inventory shrinkage, employee absenteeism, drug and alcohol abuse, fraud, mismanagement and misconduct. Once a deficiency is detected, our staff will recommend the appropriate corrective measures.

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