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Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Bryant Security Corporation’s Executive Protection Division specializes in personal and corporate executive protection and consulting services. Founded in 1985 by Colonel (Reserve) David Ben-David, (Ben-Da), Israel Defense Force, we have established a national and international reputation of excellence among a select group of corporate and individual clients.

Bryant Security Corporation offers strategic insight into providing first rate executive protection services during an event or in case of a threat. We start by creating a blueprint for comprehensive security through risk assessment and advance planning. 

Most of our security officers are either former military or law enforcement, so you can rest assured that you will receive a high caliber service from professionals who know what they are doing. They are disciplined, reliable, and professional with only one goal in mind – keeping you and your property safe at all costs.

Bryant Security executive protection officers are not your run-of-the-mill bodyguards. These experts abide by a strict code of conduct that includes being discreet. They will not only keep you safe but also make sure your reputation remains intact. Client confidentiality is one of our core tenets, and our officers take it very seriously.

Bryant’s Commitment

Our commitment is to be a premier investigative and protective agency in the United States, providing the highest level of customer service.

We accept the challenge to maintain discretion and accuracy, always keeping the integrity of our customers and their employees foremost. We commit ourselves to enhancing the quality of our services by providing our own employees with a positive work environment that fosters excellence on a personal level through recognition, reward, and respect.

We pledge ourselves to leadership in the investigative and protective service field. We always search for new ways to provide the most technologically advanced and quality services in the industry. Due to the rapidly changing economy, corporate executives, celebrities, and politicians are facing new challenges every day. Thanks to social media, every Tom, Dick, and Harry can easily keep an eye on every movement of their idols or other VIPs. 

If you are an influencer or a “VIP”, you can face near-instant criticism for making a controversial statement or behaving in a certain way. Gone are the days when only Hollywood stars were under constant scrutiny of the public. These days anyone can be confronted with a serious risk from internet warriors or fringe groups who are not afraid to use extreme measures to “make an example” of celebrities or corporations they don’t like.

That’s why working with a capable executive protective service has become so important for people who have caught the public eye.

Executive Protection Capabilities

Bryant Security officers are trained in a wide range of services:

  • Executive Protection Techniques
  • Transportation Protection
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Advance Site Preparation
  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Wide Variety of Security and Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Dress and Etiquette
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Plant Closures
  • Dignitary/VIP Security
  • High-Risk Terminations
  • Asset Protection
  • Robbery Suppression
  • Strike Force Security

Reference Accounts

Our past and present clients include various celebrities, executives and diplomats.

If you have any questions, or if Bryant Security can be of further assistance, contact us anytime, and Bryant Security will be ready to assist you.

Hiring Executive Protection vs. Hiring a Bodyguard

Executive Protection is also referred to as close protection. This service is specifically designed to ensure the safety of CEOs, executives, VIPs, and other individuals who may be exposed to increased personal risk due to their wealth, celebrity status, employment, geographical location, or relationships. 

Bryant Security executive protection includes:

  •       Bodyguards
  •       Home security systems
  •       Armored vehicles
  •       Private travel
  •       Mail screening
  •       Background checks for new employees or anyone that comes in close contact
  •       Security for family members to prevent extortion and kidnapping

If you are considered an important person in your industry or region, simply hiring a bodyguard will not be enough for you to stay safe from unsavory elements. Granted, a bodyguard with a wrestler-like physique follows you around might look imposing. However, true peace of mind comes with professional protection, not mere show of force.

Executive protection, on the other hand, requires additional risk assessment and lots of advance work to guarantee your safety and deter any nasty surprises. When assessing risk probability for any VIP, a number of factors are considered. We cannot discuss all of these factors as they are industry secrets, but some of them are:

Determining specific threats: Specific threats to you (the principal) and your family from “person(s) of interest” are identified and analyzed to keep you all safe now as well as in the future.

Have you ever watched a crime drama where the biggest threat rarely turns out to be someone who actually makes the threat? Believe it or not, that’s entirely true in real life as well. That’s why analyzing risk involves more than recording actual threats. Bryant Security officers make sure every party that wishes you harm is recorded and observed closely.

Establishing prominence: Another important indicator of risk probability is your reputation. The more famous (or infamous) you are, the more likely you are to be approached by “persons of interest.” There is no dearth of individuals who might be jealous of your fame and fortune.

Interactions with these people can range from little to huge invasions of privacy. Sometimes they can be harmless but sometimes they can turn extremely hostile.

A salient example is how Kim Kardashian was robbed while staying in a 5 star hotel in Paris, or how Bernie Ecclestone, the billionaire CEO of Formula OneGroup, was mugged and beaten up while walking home with his girlfriend.

Why Hire Bryant Security Executive Protection Services

Our security officers are trained in advanced tactics, threat assessment, movement safety, route reconnaissance, area surveillance, and Embus/Debus plans.

If you are planning on attending an event, a standard bodyguard may not meet your security needs. Because the thing is, no matter how big or tough the bodyguard is, there is always at least one person in the crowd that will still try something foolhardy. In fact, many lunatics intentionally try to get the VIP’s hands on them so they can sue for assault and make a fortune in settlement.

Don’t leave yourself or your family vulnerable to such threats. Call us today at 305-405-4001 or contact us online to know more about our executive security solutions.

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