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3 Assets You Must Protect With Armed Security Guards

Posted by bryantsecurity / March 30, 2020
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Assets are always at risk of being stolen or damaged. When deciding which type of security guards you need, one must consider what the guards will be securing. If the assets you want to protect are very high in value, then chances are, the level of protection must be equal to the task. Here’s what you may want to consider protecting with armed security.


Money is the single most powerful motivator for criminals. If you have a store or a business that deals with large amounts of cash, armed security might be necessary. Most stores can get by with a strongbox and a weekly pickup from an armored truck, but depending on how much money is on-premises, you could benefit from having armed guards. That’s why every bank has plenty of armed protection.

Jewelry and Other High-Value Items

If your business deals with high-value items such as jewelry or high-end designer goods, it may be a great idea to add an armed guard. The portability of high-value items, as well as the resell value, make these items very high on a thief’s list. Works of art can also be targetted. Art tends to be very expensive, and while a sculpture would be challenging to carry, a painting can be taken off or out of the frame, rolled up, and carried out with ease.


Not exactly an “asset”, but something of importance an armed security guard will ever protect is a person. Criminals may target high profile individuals, business executives, and VIPs for a variety of reasons. Politicians always take a security detail with them wherever they go. The reason for this is clear; their lives are potentially at risk. High-profile executives are at risk of being kidnapped and ransomed, especially in certain high-risk areas. Why put yourself at risk when having private armed security guards can potentially save your life? 

Often it is not the VIP that will become a target, but a loved one. An example would be a VIP’s loved one being kidnapped and then ransomed to the VIP. The real objective is the VIP, as mentioned earlier, but the asset that should have been guarded is the loved one. If you are in a position where you may become the target of a similar scheme, you must protect your loved ones with armed security. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is safe doesn’t have a price.

Special Venues

VIPs and celebrities are not the only ones that need protection, given the rise in school shootings and business shootings. There is a genuine need for armed security in educational facilities and businesses. All students and employees should be safe from violence, and the only way to ensure this is by having armed security at hand.

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