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Essential 2020 Holiday Security Tips

November 20, 2020

Dear Residents,

The Holiday Season is soon approaching.  Since statistics show that home and vehicle burglaries rise during this season, below are some tips to make you less of a target to would-be thieves. 

Your Home:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times
  • Make sure to set your alarm when gone for the day or staying in for the night
  • Keep shades\curtains closed.  Thieves like to see the reward before breaking in.
  • Keep gifts and packages out of plain sight
  • For vehicles, remember to roll up windows and lock your vehicle
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle, locked or unlocked
  • Remember not to leave keys or key fobs inside of your vehicle

While Shopping:

  • Lock all doors and roll up all windows even when leaving the car for a short period of time.
  • When shopping, keep gifts in the trunk or hidden from view in the interior of the car. Also, put all of your packages in the trunk before departing one parking lot and driving to another.
  • Avoid parking next to vans and large trucks that block your space from the general vision of others.
  • Make a mental note or write down exactly where you parked your car to avoid wandering around longer than necessary.  A drop pin on your smartphone is very helpful as well.
  • Have your keys in hand when leaving a store. Walk with a purpose.
  • Bring gifts in the house with you instead of leaving them in the car.
  • Use credit cards to avoid theft of large amounts of cash that is irreplaceable.
  • Keep purses zipped and close to your body. Never leave a purse unattended in a shopping cart where it is more susceptible to theft. If possible, carry keys, cash, and credit cards separate from each other.
  • If using an ATM, do so in a well-populated, well-lit location. Do not throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location.
  • Remember there is increased safety in numbers. Avoid walking alone and leave malls and stores well before closing time to assure a more active parking lot. Ask mall security to walk you to your car if you feel you are not safe.

If traveling for the Holiday Season:

  • Make sure that your home does not appear to be vacant.  
  • Make sure your home is locked and alarmed
  • Temporarily cancel mail delivery
  • Temporarily cancel newspaper delivery
  • Leave lights on or on a timer to turn on at different times of the night
  • Don’t post about travel plans on social media
  • Notify a trusted neighbor or friend of your absence  

As much joy as this season brings, during the holiday season you must be alert at all times. Opportunistic thieves are watching and waiting for you to slip up. 


Happy Holidays and stay safe! 

Rene Zerquera
Vice President

There are some basic building blocks that any security company in Florida must be able to provide to ensure their client’s protection and offer residential, commercial, and personal security. The private security firm in Miami of Bryant Security takes a diversified approach with a staff of unarmed security guards for Miami response and armed Miami security guards. 

Patrolling your property

Perhaps crime is a growing concern in the neighborhood of your home or business. Perhaps a particular situation has arisen, making your property vulnerable to theft, vandalism, trespassing, or destruction. Either way, the presence of Miami private security can very effectively deter any potential unwanted activity on your property. 

Bryant Security’s unarmed security guards are well-trained to monitor the premises of your building and even take up additional tasks for your benefit, like adjusting your heat or air conditioning when necessary, spotting possible vulnerabilities on the property, and staking out 24/7 so you don’t have to constantly worry. 

On-the-ground emergency response

Investing in security is absolutely an investment in the prevention of dangerous situations. However, there are emergencies fueled by extenuating circumstances that not even the most skilled security team can prevent. Bryant Security has a skilled team that can double down and responds to ongoing crises. All of our personnel — unarmed Miami security guards and armed Miami security guards — are trained in essential emergency response skills like First Aid and CPR. Our expert staff is also equipped to de-escalate a concerning situation to prevent a larger issue to develop. 

Sensitive event and personal protection

A private security customer in Miami has varied needs, and you may be concerned about one particular event or visitation of a certain individual. Bryant Security can provide mobile and static-site security officers for any special event you may have in mind. 

What elevates the services of our unarmed Miami security guards and armed Miami security guards in this setting is their training and instruction to be as discreet as possible so they blend into the fabric of the entourage you’re trying to protect, while still providing premium protection. Further, our team can be briefed on a particular dress code and etiquette to follow. 

Executive protection

In line with event supervision, a well-prepared Miami private security firm must be able to offer executive protection, which is the close surveillance of a high-profile figure or an individual under a similar level of public scrutiny. This requires a well-mannered, respectable, discreet, quick-thinking, and fast-acting team.

Internal supervision

security company

The key to any well-suited team is the assessment of its players. At Bryant Security, we pride ourselves on monitoring the performance of the armed Miami security and unarmed Miami security guards that we enlist for the protection of your home, business, and person. 

If we find certain individuals are not meeting the high standard of performance that we require, then we will remove them from your detail, ensuring the provision of premium services. Before our security personnel even step foot on your property, we have an involved vetting process of our security professionals — many of whom are former law enforcement or military personnel — to ensure they’re well-rounded and able to take on the tasks at hand. 

Schedule a Consultation with Bryant Security Today

Call the office of Bryant Security at 305-614-2945 today to schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough review of your property and security needs. Protect your family and your business with one of our many security services today.

Businesses are an essential thread running through the fabric of a community. With no restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, or any other storefronts, it’s hard to imagine a high-functioning town or group of residences. The protection of your business is a decision made to serve the best interests of your community. However, private security in Miami must ask the question of the benefits and consequences of unarmed Miami security guards and armed Miami security guards amidst the challenging circumstances present throughout the country.

Where do I turn? 

For all of your private security needs in Miami, Bryant Security has a strategic approach that will ensure the safety of all property and persons involved. Our team includes unarmed Miami security guards and armed Miami security guards so you can be sure you’re in good hands, no matter what method you decide to try.

What can unarmed security guards in Miami do?

armed security guards in miamiThere are a lot more skills necessary to an effective Miami private security team than possession of a firearm by armed Miami security guards. Luckily for our customers, Bryant Security is adept at all of them. Unarmed security guards in Miami are essential for the prevention of any situations in which the use of a firearm may be warranted. 

Via expert patrolling and surveillance, our team can spot vulnerabilities that may leave your business susceptible to theft, vandalism, or trespassing. This may include a private security team in Miami performing drive-bys of your property, checking all windows and points of entry to ensure they’re locked, and even something as simple as adjusting the heat and air conditioning when you’ve gone home for the night. 

Further, on-the-ground emergency support does not just mean conflict resolution for an aggressive situation. Unarmed security guards in Miami should be trained in First Aid and CPR as Bryant Security’s team is.  

When it comes to employing armed security guards in Miami, what should I know? 

Frankly, these dire questions should be left up to the experts of private security in Miami, like Bryant Security. Our team is trained in firearms use to ensure that such tactics are only deployed when it is of paramount necessity for the protection of your business and people on the scene. In a time of anti-police sentiment underscored by so much doubt around firearms used by police officers, you want to ensure each security representative on your property is professionally trained. As proud employers of former military and law enforcement officials, Bryant Security is confident that our team of professionals will keep a level head and make the best on-the-ground decision with your business and community in mind

Specification of your needs

You know your business and the community you serve better than anyone, so it’s absolutely up to you whether you’d like Miami unarmed security guards or Miami armed security guards. The best first step is choosing a private security firm in Miami that can deliver on both levels of security response and professionalism. Bryant Security is the premier choice with such an adequate and skilled team. 

Book an Experienced Miami Security Team Today

When you are in need of security for your home or business, it’s important to select a firm with decades of experience. Call the office of Bryant Security at 305-614-2945 today to schedule a consultation. We can provide you with armed or unarmed security.

Home is one of the most sacred places in our lives, especially at a time in history when we are at home to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the security of that sacred inner sanctum is threatened by crime and social instability, you can feel the dread in your body; your heart starts pumping, your hands shake and your breath quickens. A top-notch Miami security company professionals like Bryant Security — especially with Miami armed security professionals — can help you avoid that awful feeling. Here are 5 home defense tips from these Miami residential security experts.

Double-check your points of entry  

Before heading to bed or leaving home for an extended period, check all of your doors and windows to ensure they’re locked. This will give you peace of mind that you have sufficient residential security in Miami. It’s a simple task that will reduce any anxiety you may feel about possible home invasions. Similarly, consulting with Miami security company Bryant Security about these concerns can help alleviate those stresses. 

Know your risk and address it head-on 

Your residential security in Miami is most threatened at night, simply due to the reduced visibility that nighttime affords criminals. Burglary is also likely during the holiday season when your family may be on an extended trip to see relatives. Don’t ignore this increased chance of crime in the home — provide yourself and your loved ones at home with the comfort of the presence of Miami’s premium armed security firm, Bryant Security. Criminals who see just one guard in front of your home will be deterred, strengthening your residential security in Miami.

Have an emergency plan 

Hiring a firm with armed security services in Miami may seem like you’re only investing in the prevention of a burglar breaching your residential security, but Bryant Security, a multi-faceted Miami security company, will help you develop an emergency plan. In the event of a fire or other emergencies, you’ll want to be sure someone else is looking out for you and your home’s safety. A reliable third party is essential in dire situations; they can swiftly notify local authorities. A well-equipped security company will also monitor power outages or other potentially dangerous situations so you can take a more proactive approach. 

Prevent, prevent, prevent 

By investing in a Miami security company now, you can prevent future headaches and heartaches. Experienced Miami residential security will be able to spot potentially volatile situations or persons and de-escalate before they reach a dangerous pinnacle. Keeping up with your home and property is hectic enough with concerns about external threats. Proactive prevention will give you peace of mind. By choosing Bryant Security, you can also be sure that you’ll be protected by their well-trained Miami armed security professionals in situations that necessitate a more serious response.

Get peace of mind and professional security. Choose Bryant Security

Entrusting your residential security in Miami is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Enlist expert help from an experienced Miami security company, such as Bryant Security. All of our security professionals are veterans or former law enforcement officers, so you can be ensured that this Miami armed security company will only provide experienced and expert assistance. Call us today at 305-614-2945 to speak with an experienced security professional.

2020’s churn of current events has been unpredictable and nearly tipped the country into total disarray. When such overwhelming forces are out of your hands, private armed security may be the best choice for your business’s protection. With decades of armed security experience, Bryant Security can be an essential step toward battening down your business’s hatches. 

Plywood isn’t a deterrent 

When civil unrest erupted throughout the summer, images of businesses with boarded-up windows across the nation dominated the media. While this response was an understandable approach, in reality, it does not do much to prevent what some of those entrepreneurs may have feared would happen to their businesses. Having armed security guards in Miami would be a more effective deterrent to crimes, like vandalism or theft, happening at your business. Just the presence of armed security would increase the likelihood of your business’s protection. 

Protect your investments 

At a time with such a fragile economy and political landscape, investing in private armed security may feel like a far-away option, but it’s paying it forward for your future. Think of all those funneled years and dollars you’ve funneled into your business. 

armed security

More priceless than anything else are the countless hours and worry you poured into your business and livelihood. Protecting those assets with armed security guards in Miami is a decision rooted in your best interest. It also prevents you from having to pay large sums of money for the restoration of your business if your property is damaged by any civil unrest. 

De-escalation is key

When you hire Bryant Security, you’re not just buying into their Miami armed security guards. You’re also accessing the multitude of services and expertise they offer — which all act to serve the protection of your commercial real estate. One example that is essential to have during civil unrest is the security professionals’ ability to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. This will both prevent damage to your business and civil unrest showdowns on your property that could bring unwanted attention. 

You’ll have essential eyes on the scene

Not being equipped with armed security will leave you questioning if your business will look forever different when you return after a night of civil unrest. With on-the-ground private armed security, you can be sure of your business’s protection and also have a line of communication to the scene. That way, you can receive updates on what’s happening around your business so no looming questions hang over your head about the future while your business is closed in response to civil unrest. 

24/7 protection is invaluable

Private armed security will ensure the safety of your business — one of your most important assets — at any time of day or night. Bryant Security’s armed security guards will show up ready and prepared whenever you feel it is necessary to have an extra layer of protection. The reality is owning your own business means you rarely get to clock out — at least mentally. So your security should be just as present as you are so you can focus on the day-to-day hassle of running your livelihood. 

Contact Bryant Security for Proven, Professional Protection

If you are worried about the state of your business as civil unrest continues throughout the country, it’s time to speak to a reputable security firm. Bryant Security can provide your business with experienced security officers, monitoring, GPS services, and much more. Call our office at 305-614-2945 to schedule a consultation today.

COVID-19 has rocked every industry across the nation, including that of security companies in Florida and likely, your business. Unfortunately, no business sector has gone unscathed by the coronavirus pandemic. The events of 2020 have shown the need for security both now and post-COVID-19

What changed during COVID-19?  

In short, everything. Months into the pandemic, American morale is low: businesses are shutting down, the country is politically divided, citizens are shut into their houses. When the country emerges on the other side of the implications of this fatal virus, our world will look drastically different. All of these factors contribute to a mounting sense of anxiety and stressors that can lead to an eruption of societal unrest. This is a time more imperative than any other to invest in a security corporation. However, this does not negate the fact that security, especially uniformed security in Miami, is always of prime importance to a business’s health.

What can security companies in Florida do for me?

A security corporation will provide 24/7 protective services; Bryant Security is one of the few security companies in Florida that has such a multi-faceted approach. Bryant Security prides itself on its professional armed security guards — many of which are former law enforcement or military personnel — and their high-quality de-escalation, surveillance, communication, and preventative skills. One of the supreme benefits of Bryant Security is its capability to provide superior uniformed security in Miami. 

What is uniformed security and why will it help during COVID-19? 

Uniformed security in Miami is the use of armed or unarmed uniformed security officers to serve as the first line of defense against vandals, burglars, and other unwanted elements that might pose a threat to a business or community. Unlike plainclothes officers, uniformed security officers convey command presence through the use of uniforms and marked patrol vehicles. Seeing a visible protector in the form of a security guard can make those unwanted elements think twice about harming your home or business. Bryant Security is proud to be the finest among many security companies in Florida that provide armed and unarmed uniformed security. 

Whether it’s your business or your community, our uniformed security officers stand at the ready to watch over and protect your most precious assets. Due to increased threats to businesses and communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in uniformed security officers will give homeowners and business owners alike the peace of mind they deserve.

Why should security remain top of mind now and in the future? 

security companies in florida

Security corporations will always be essential because it is always in your best interest to protect your home, business, and person. The sad truth is the frayed emotions and urges that have shown themselves in full force during the COVID-19 were always, and will always, rumble beneath society’s surface level. That means hiring Bryant Security, one of the premier security companies in Florida, will never be a misguided investment. 

Our team can deliver on every level of protection a security corporation can hope to offer: 

  • Residential security
  • Commercial security
  • Strike force security
  • Armed and unarmed uniformed security
  • And more!

 Dedicated security professionals like Bryant Security are in business to serve your interests and respond to your concerns. If the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for anything. A skilled, tactical security corporation is the most surefire way to protect yourself from what nightmares you can’t yet imagine. 

Take Back Control. Call Bryant Security Today

When you are in need of professional security services from an experienced and trusted firm, contact Bryant Security. We provide armed and unarmed guards, GPS services, protection for your business, and many other services. Call our office at 305-614-2945 to schedule an audit of your security needs today.

Any business can fall victim to outside threats. Having an armed security company by your side offers the protection you need in the event of an attack of any type. In most instances, just the presence of security guards is enough to deter crime and stop it before it starts. Having security guards at your place of business not only provides security to you, but it makes your clients feel safe.

When you hire a security guard company, it is essential to make sure they know the area where they work. Each city has its different nuances, and the right company will know how to read a crowd and act accordingly, while the wrong one might miss vital cues.

This is especially important if you’re a Miami-based business, as you’ll need to make sure it’s a Miami security company. When you choose a Miami security company, make sure it brings the following to the table:

Peace of Mind

Having a team of professionals guarding you and your business will put your mind at ease. Whether your business is located in a high-risk area or the goods you deal in are high in value, you want your personnel and your customers to feel safe and in good hands. The right Miami security company will provide this for you.

Crime Deterrent

Many times crimes take place because the opportunity presents itself. When a criminal sees an opening, he or she is likely to take it, and there is no greater opening than a business without security. Seeing an undefended company for a criminal is like leaving your door wide open overnight. If, on the other hand, you have guards stationed in your locations, criminals are much more likely to think twice before committing a crime.


Keeping an eye on the business is the only way to make sure everything goes as it should. While security cameras are great, they are also limited and can only be used as evidence for crimes already committed; a monitoring guard can stop the crime in its tracks as it is taking place. 


The right Miami security guard company is not just about peace of mind and deterring crime but about offering actual protection when you do need it. When a crime takes place, having a professional force trained to deal with these events is key to a positive resolution. Do not leave your business unprotected.

The Right Experience

It is not just about having security guards; it is about having the right experience. Knowing how to defuse a dangerous situation, how to stop a crime, how to monitor and protect a business or a residence only comes from years of experience. If you hire an inexperienced company, who’s only good at intimidating people, you are wasting your money. 

At Bryant Security, we have over 35 years of experience protecting and guarding people much like yourself.

Make the Call and Get the Protection You Need

When it comes to your home, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Let the experts at Bryant Security Corporation be your first line of defense against intruders and criminal elements. To learn more about what our business and residential security services can do for you, call us at 305-405-4001 or complete our online contact form.

Not all Miami security companies are the same. Before you decide to invest in security for your home or business, you have to make sure you are trusting the right corporation. You are putting your life in the hands of the protection you hire. The wellbeing of your business, as well as that of your clients, is being placed in their care. This decision is not one to take lightly; you should not trust just anyone with such a serious responsibility.

Look For An Experienced Miami Security Company

Experience brings with it a lot more than just know-how. When you have been in business doing the same thing for over 35 years, you have to know what you are doing. 

You want a company that has been around the block many times and has seen and experienced it all. But experience is more than just knowledge; it also proves that you have done an exceptional job for a long time. No company can be in business for over three decades unless they are trusted and respected by their clientele and the community at large. One of the best indicators that you can trust a security company in Florida is seeing how long they have been around.

A Reputable Miami Security Company

One thing carries the other when you have the experience; your reputation tends to grow. Look for testimonials, for both the satisfied and the unsatisfied clients and see what they have to say. 

By understanding what other people experienced and how the company is perceived all around, you will get a better idea of whether they are worth their salt or not. At Bryant Security, our past and present clients include various celebrities, executives, and diplomats.

A Miami Security Company That Knows Its Territory Inside and Out

Executive Protection in Miami is not the same as any other city. Each place has its nuances and its particular set of dangers and pitfalls. Only trust your safety to someone who knows the terrain, someone who can read the crowd, and knows when and how to act.

A Miami Security Company That Offers These Services at a Minimum

You need a Miami security company that can offer you the following:

  • Executive Protection Techniques
  • Transportation Protection
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Advance Site Preparation
  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Wide Variety of Security and Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Dress and Etiquette

A Miami Security Company With Exceptional Quality Control

Look for a company that ensures every individual working with them is up to the highest standards and that any legal requirements are met. Ensuring each guard is top-notch is not only a matter of scrutinizing their records but also making sure that they receive an excellent education in every aspect of their job.

A Miami Security Company That is Available When You Need It Most

You want to make sure that they do not just see this as a job. You want to be able to call on them 24 hours a day and know you can depend on this security corporation with your life.

Choose a Miami Security Company That Cares, Choose Bryant Security

Your business is your livelihood. Don’t leave it vulnerable. At Bryant Security Corporation, we have the security solutions that will keep your commercial enterprise safe and secure. To learn more about what our commercial security solutions can do for you, give us a call at 305-405-4001 or complete our online contact form.

Assets are always at risk of being stolen or damaged. When deciding which type of security guards you need, one must consider what the guards will be securing. If the assets you want to protect are very high in value, then chances are, the level of protection must be equal to the task. Here’s what you may want to consider protecting with armed security.


Money is the single most powerful motivator for criminals. If you have a store or a business that deals with large amounts of cash, armed security might be necessary. Most stores can get by with a strongbox and a weekly pickup from an armored truck, but depending on how much money is on-premises, you could benefit from having armed guards. That’s why every bank has plenty of armed protection.

Jewelry and Other High-Value Items

If your business deals with high-value items such as jewelry or high-end designer goods, it may be a great idea to add an armed guard. The portability of high-value items, as well as the resell value, make these items very high on a thief’s list. Works of art can also be targetted. Art tends to be very expensive, and while a sculpture would be challenging to carry, a painting can be taken off or out of the frame, rolled up, and carried out with ease.


Not exactly an “asset”, but something of importance an armed security guard will ever protect is a person. Criminals may target high profile individuals, business executives, and VIPs for a variety of reasons. Politicians always take a security detail with them wherever they go. The reason for this is clear; their lives are potentially at risk. High-profile executives are at risk of being kidnapped and ransomed, especially in certain high-risk areas. Why put yourself at risk when having private armed security guards can potentially save your life? 

Often it is not the VIP that will become a target, but a loved one. An example would be a VIP’s loved one being kidnapped and then ransomed to the VIP. The real objective is the VIP, as mentioned earlier, but the asset that should have been guarded is the loved one. If you are in a position where you may become the target of a similar scheme, you must protect your loved ones with armed security. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is safe doesn’t have a price.

Special Venues

VIPs and celebrities are not the only ones that need protection, given the rise in school shootings and business shootings. There is a genuine need for armed security in educational facilities and businesses. All students and employees should be safe from violence, and the only way to ensure this is by having armed security at hand.

Let Bryant Security Protect You

Bryant Security is one of South Florida’s oldest security business, serving the community since 1985. Our team is made up of former military and law enforcement professionals, which means your safety and security will be handled with skilled manpower and expertise. To learn more about what our residential security services can do for you, call us at 305-405-4001 or complete our online contact form.







Not all security corporations are created equal. The question is what makes a security company stand out above the competition? Several things are essential and you should always look for them in executive protection corporations.


The first thing is knowing what your background and strengths are; being a security professional is mostly having the right education and training. Having taken the time to learn everything in the business and possessing a diverse and thorough knowledge of how to behave in high-intensity situations. If you are going to hire a security corporation in the South Florida region, make sure they are accredited, licensed, insured and can show documentation.

Keeping up with the latest trends, both in security and technology is very important. You want a company on the leading edge which is up to date with the latest protocols and techniques. Stay away from security companies that are living in the past and using old-school methods as their approach towards handling security expectations.

Experience is The Most Important Factor

According to Albert Einstein, experience is the only source of knowledge. As such, it is tied to the first item on the list. When you find a company that has been in the business for over 35 years, you know you can trust them to know their craft and more importantly, back up their service deliverables with the proper references. You know that such long continuity can only be the result of an excellent trajectory and a considerable accumulation of knowledge in the field. Look for a security company with diverse experience in security, displays a proactive approach in implementing procedures and most of all takes care of their employees by providing them with a stellar compensation package. Remember, you can’t put a price on peace of mind!


Your reputation is only as good as the first two items, knowledge and experience. When you have shown a commitment to excellence year after year and an unwavering dedication to customer safety, you know you have the best temperament to be the firm around.   As your reputation grows, so does the scope of your projects and customer portfolios.

While reputation itself does not make a security company great, it does offer an indication of whether or not they are what you seek. Look into a company’s history, see what their past clients have to say about them, dig up anything you can about them in the news, and see if these are a group of individuals you want to work with.  Bryant Security inspects what they expect out of themselves and you should do the same! Nothing is more critical; the decision of whom to hire should not be taken lightly. 

Looking for an Experienced Security Company in Florida? Choose Bryant Security Corporation. 

Keep in mind that while most security companies in Florida will claim to have these qualities, not many will.  Your business is your livelihood. Don’t leave it vulnerable. At Bryant Security Corporation, we have the security solutions that will keep your commercial enterprise safe and secure. To learn more about what our commercial security solutions can do for you, give us a call at 305-405-4001 or complete our online contact form.

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